• Impacting your Bottomline

    Our fuel borne catalyst, is the only EPA registered additive that will reduce fuel cunsumption up to 22%
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Fleet Solutions

We specialize in solving fuel issues & putting money back into fleet manager's budgets.

Truck Freight & Transport

Keeping your fleet operational and reducing costs is an integral part of your success. That’s why some of the world’s largest commercial fleets trust The Fuel Masters.

Marine Freight & Transport

The Fuel Masters diesel additives provide solutions for microbial contamination, fuel tank hygiene and performance improvement for the marine diesel industry.

Rail Freight & Transport

We understand the financial investment you’ve made in your diesel powered rolling stock. Our additive yields unprecedented mileage enhancement per hour of operation.

Gen-Sets & Equipment

Generators & Industrial equipment provide vital resources for business operations. With our additive, you can feel confident your equipment will be operational when you need it.

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Recent Projects

Learn about the latest projects and tests as well as recent news with these informative articles and posts

  • "I was very skeptical of this product in the beginning but the test period has proven me wrong"

    The fuel savings alone will pay for the cost of the product and the increase in the life of the engine and exhaust system is a bonus. As well as, the savings in the costly repairs of the percolate filter / exhaust systems and unexpected down time for stage 3 re-gens and shop time. 

    Grant Guidry, Concrete on Demand
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